Getting to Know the Owner

Owners Of Priority Transportation, Danny and Lucinda Ray.
Owners Of Priority Transportation, Danny and Lucinda Ray.

Priority Transportation Inc was established in November 1995 in Cullman, Al.  In the past 20 years operations have grown steadily!

The company is the product of years of hard, smart, and strategically oriented planning and was formed from a vision that would change the landscape of the Motor Carrier Industry.

The founder of this company, Danny Ray, was armed with a dream to develop a trucking organization based on the sincere belief that the company consists of three major elements :

  • The highly Valued Customer
  • The Loyal and Dedicated Employees
  • The Trusted Vendors

Danny Ray has over 30 years experience in all phases of Logistics and Transportation Industry and prides himself on both customer service and employee relations.

At Priority Transportation, each associate and customer is treated as an integral part of the FAMILY and not as a NUMBER as it is the case in many companies today. With a loyal staff of family, committed employees and drivers, Priority Transportation is proud to serve multiple customers across the United States with outstanding customer service!